Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Extract of a Diary.

 Extract from the Diary of Lieutenant George Smith.

N.S.H.A; 5th (British ) Division;

Esper 2260.

This is the 5th year of my Tour on Esper. So far, my Company is in one piece. There have been no attacks by E.T,s and so far no Merc Companies have come calling.

You never know why you are sent somewhere. We are six Light Years from Earth. Only the big Corporates can run Intersteller  flights using Light Speed.

They can only do two flights. One out fully loaded ,one back travelling light. The engines and the crews burnt out.

The N.S.H.A.; the NATO Solar Human Army becomes your home. The joke is that the NSHA means, Never Seeing Home Again.

 They tell you that you will see home again on Rotation but they never tell you when the ship is due. If ever. Even the Brass don’t know.

 The people here have a history like Earth but without the heavy industrial, and with basic Tech..There is a story they were planted here by some other Race.

Apparently, we are here to “ maintain a presence” and there is some mineral here that the Suits want. We get on with the locals and there has been some fraternising  but we have to stay Frosty.

We have two small Warships on Orbital but they don’t see everything. We have APC,s , Armoured cars, Artillery ( who control the Drones) and an Engineering Section and that’s it. No Big Stuff and No Bots. We didn’t rate the expense. There are still 500 of us on station.

Almost like a Recon. Our arses are fried if  the shit hits the fan and something comes in all stomping.

The Brass didn’t give us any Clues and the Colonel is not saying much. I don’t mind maintaining a presence. What concerns me is any other “ Presence” that we might come across.........,