Table Top Battles 2nd Edition

Top Battles 2nd Edition is a simplified set of rules for grid based war gaming, using 2 and 4 inch Grid, ideal for Gamers with limited playing area.

 Also accommodates the Solo Gamer and it's quick to learn, easy to play. So whether you're into Ancient, Horse and Musket, Black Powder, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Sea Warfare or Aerial Combat, Table top Battles has got your back. Can be used with 2mm to 20mm scale Armies or even 28mm scale for Skirmish.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    As an owner of the first edition, I am curious what the differences are with the 2nd edition of Table Top Battles.

  2. i would like to order a Paperback set of your rules, please confirm if you still have in stock. Kind regards Alister

  3. I really look forward to the book and trying it out.