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Battle of Hohenfriedburg : Silesia 4th June 1745.

 Maria Theresa the Empress of Austria had previously signed a peace treaty with the Prussian Monarch Frederick. This was so, that she could deal with French and Spanish attacks elsewhere on her territories.

In 1745 the Empress decided to renew hostilities with the Prussians. The Austrian Army in Bohemia was set in motion again, Eastward toward Silesia. The Empress was determined to regain the Province.

The command of the Austrian army was given to Prince Charles of Lorraine who, having nearly beaten the Prussians before was considered the most experienced. He was also a Brother-in-Law to the Empress bringing the stamp of Royalty to the position.

The early hours of the 4th June 1745 found King Frederick of Prussia atop a hill near the town of Striegau staring West, watching the Austrian army as it lumbered from the Bohemian Hills onto the undulating open ground across the river Striegau from where he stood.

Watching  the Austrian Army settle, the King decided on a surprise attack starting with the Austrian left. The attack went awry from the start.

In the first instance the Austrian line was longer than Frederick thought so the Prussian troops came against the line rather than around it. Secondly, in having to cross the Striegau, the Prussian troops came into battle piecemeal.

As the Saxon allies posted on the left of the Austrian Army came under attack this alerted the Austrian commanders and the Army was bought into position----.

The Austrian-Saxon Army.

Austria: 40,000 = 40 points.

1 General ( Prince Charles of Lorraine) @ 1 point.

1 General ( Berlichingen) @ 1 point.

3 stands of Light artillery @ 1point = 3 points.

2 stands of Grenadier infantry @ 4 points = 8 points.

6 stands of Line Infantry @ 3 points= 18 points.

1 stand of Grenzer Skirmishers @ 1 point.

4 Stands of Cavalry @ 2 points = 8 points.

The Saxon Army;

1 General ( Johann Adolf 2nd, Duke of Sachsen Weissenfals) @ 1 point.

2 stands of Light Artillery @ 1 point = 2 points.

1 stand of Grenadier Infantry @ 4 points.

4 stands of Line Infantry @ 2 points = 8 points.

2 stands of Cavalry @ 2 points.


The Prussian Army;

42,000 Infantry ( including Artillery and Generals) = 42 points.

15,000 Cavalry = 15 points.

2,000 Hussar Light Cavalry @ 1 point = 2 points.


1 General-in-Chief ( King Frederick 2nd ) @ 3 points.

1 General ( Du Moulin) @ 1 point.

1 General (Nassau) @ 1 point.

2 stands of Grenadier Infantry @ 4 points = 8 points.

7 stands of Line Infantry @ 3 points = 21 points.

2 stands of Heavy Artillery @ 2 points = 4 points.

4 stands of Light Artillery @ 1 point = 4 points.

1 stand of Cavalry ( Bayreuth Dragoons ) @ 3 points.

6 stands of Cavalry @ 2 points = 12 points.

2 stands of Light Hussars @ 1 point = 2 points.

Here are the Armies laid out;

 Special Rules;

● The Solo Game;

● The Prussian army will get the initiative point on every Game-Turn.

● The Prussian Army moves first on every Game-Turn.

● For the first four Game-Turns, each side will have a 12 sided die thrown for it. The result on each die shows the number of stands to be moved in each Army. This reflects the lack of organised movement within the opposing armies in the early stages of the battle.

● From Game-turns 5 to 8, all the stands can be moved in each army starting with the Prussian army first

● For the first 4 Game-Turns, each side has a 12 sided die thrown for them in the Firing phase of a game turn. The higher scoring side fires first. From Game- Turns 5 to 8, the Prussians fire first.

Here is a map of the battle;

The 2 Player game;

● The Prussian player has the initiative point for the entire game.

●For the first 4 Game-Turns. Each player throws a 12 sided die to see how many stands they can move. The Prussian player moves first.

● For Game-Turns 1 to 4, each side throws a 12 sided die to see who fires first within each Game-Turn. The higher score fires first.

● From Game-Turns 5 to 8 each side can move any stands that can be moved. The Prussian player moves first and fires first. All stands of both sides that are able to fire can do so.

● The Prussian player fires first on every Game-Turn.

● Order of combat is decided by the Prussian Player.

Well, that's it. The figures in the photos are a mix of Miniature Figurines and Peter Pig. The flags are hand painted on masking tape. The buildings are from Total Battles Miniatures. The river and roads are thin card. The round mdf bases are from Minibits.
The squares bases are cut from picture  mounting cardboard.

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