Sunday, 24 October 2021

Moving Waggons and Arcs of fire.

 When writing a set of instructions for Wargaming you like to think you have covered all the angles but it is very rarely the case.

Some waggon models are to long to put on a single stand. Therefore, the waggon has to go on one stand and a team of horses on another. The two must be in adjacent squares.

Here is an instruction should you wish to use it.

1) Move the horse stand in the direction of travel .

2) Move the waggon up to the adjacent square behind the horses. 

3) Reversing the direction of travel. Reverse the horse stand. Move the horse stand one square ( on top of the waggon), then a further square. Movement of the horse stand then stops.

4) The waggon is then reversed on the spot to match the direction of the horses.

5) On the next movement phase of the next Game-Turn the Waggon moves as normal.

All this sounds a bit convoluted but in real life if enough room was available you can turn a waggon team around but as with a car so with horses.

This is reflected in the fact that when the horse stand is reversed over the waggon. It can only be moved two squares instead of the normal four.

There must be two squares vacent for the horse's and wagons to move. If using this system, it stands to reason that without the horses in an adjacent square to the front, the waggon ( or gun ) cannot move!.

The above instruction allows for horse teams within the restricted space of a small wargame table. The same instruction could be used should you wish to use limber teams on a separate stand from artillery pieces.


A stand has a 90% arc of fire to its front. If there is an object, or a friendly stand in the adjacent square to the front the stand is blocked from firing even on the diagonal.

The above picture shows a confederate infantry stand unable to fire even on the diagonal because the adjacent front square has woodland in it.

The next picture shows the same confederate stand. This time, after movement, the stand has been left with an open space in the front adjacent square. This means that it can fire on the diagonal at the Union infantry within its 90% arc of fire

The facing of the stand is very important at the end of its intended move, and could leave the stand at a disadvantage if not attended to!

The waggon and team is Peter Pig. The figures are Peter Pig and Miniature Figurines. The Union gun and crew is Peter Pig.


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